Consumer Marketing Creates Differentiation for Produce Brands

Most produce companies want to differentiate their brand and products to build consumer demand and loyalty, but few have accomplished this goal. To be clear it is not easy or inexpensive to connect with consumers, but it is vital if you seek to rise above the commoditized market many produce companies find themselves mired in. It requires complete alignment of your business, marketing and communications strategies to create and deliver a winning brand and product positioning.

Here a few of the key elements:

  •  Connecting with consumers goes above and beyond the B2B initiatives you have implemented to connect with your retail and foodservice   customers.
  •  Products, packaging and all messaging must deliver your brand tone and voice, and communicate your value proposition clearly to the consumer.
  •  Must identify and understand your target consumer and develop an integrated marketing plan tailored to them.
  •  Social media is an important consumer communication tool; however utilizing social media is not a complete consumer marketing plan.

Developing and executing an integrated consumer marketing program will enable your target consumers to see your brand as something special and your products as uniquely capable of meeting their needs and wants. Achieving this positioning will result in the differentiation virtually all marketers seek and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Contact Tim today to discuss how he can assist you to develop a consumer marketing strategy to differentiate your brand and products.

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